Seasonal Stories

Our Giving Tree

(Story from the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s 60th anniversary book, Imagine That: Dreams, Hopes, Realities, (2017))

Once upon a time a maple seedpod helicoptered down from a fine upstanding tree to plant herself in the earth. Now, sixty years later, her growth-rings tell her story. It is a story of outstretched leafy limbs and an ever-expanding labyrinth spiral that provides nourishment to the life around her. This is my image of the Anglican Foundation of Canada – a giving tree.

I joined the work of the Foundation immediately after recovering from a kidney operation. I had been away from work and play for weeks and felt drained of energy and focus. The opportunity to be involved in giving to other’s needed projects provided a healing balm for me.

Through our Foundation I have participated with the Sacred Arts Trust Committee, the commission to evaluate the Foundation’s first forty years, and on this sixtieth anniversary I complete my time as a member of the Board of Directors. My journey with the AFC gives me a church community of people (and Hope Bears) that stretches right across our country. I’ve seen the imagination and growth in this organization, especially over the last five years, inspire Canadian Anglicans to be their creative best. With moral and financial help from our foundation, parishes devise projects that strengthen, heal and enrich the Canadian Church.

As members of the AFC that maple tree and I gained a wealth of innovative experiences rooted in generosity. Looking ahead we can only imagine more.

AFC bear tree and me photo 4

Sally Armour Wotton

Past director on the board and current member of the Anglican Foundation