Sally Armour Wotton

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Sally Armour Wotton

is a professor of storytelling and story writing at Trinity College, School of Divinity, University of Toronto where she teaches two courses, We The Storytellers and Writing Sacred Stories and Worshipful Plays. 2008 – to present. (See dates for 2018 courses under Course and   Event Opportunities)

She is a past member of the board of directors of the Anglican Foundation of Canada 2012 – 2017 and as a member continues to take an interest in the work of the Foundation as it supports the many necessary, creative and artistic projects across Canada.

Sally has had innumerable articles on the performing arts published as well as three books – Can God Come Out To Play 2016 WIPF And Stock, We The Storytellers 2013 WIPF And Stock, Staging The Story 1998 United Church Publishing House

Sally, together with Kelly Walker, and Alexandra Caverley-Lowery, founded Sacred Acts, a consortium of performing artists who facilitated events for worship, education and the workplace across Canada 1990 –2000

She taught theatre arts to adults and youth   producing and directing over 50 full-length plays on tour and at the North York Centre for the Arts 1984 – 2008

After moving to Toronto with her husband Ernest and their son Christopher Charles, Sally established a marionette company and performed and taught drama and puppetry through the Inner City Angels, Ontario Arts Council grants, a research grant from the United Kingdom and independent contracts. She studied theology and gradually used her theatre background to develop creative liturgies. 1974 – 2008.

Sally trained and worked in the New York City theatre and television performing On Broadway and Off Broadway. She appeared on such television shows as The Bell Telephone Hour and The Ed Sullivan Show. Sally toured internationally in live theatre and with puppets through out the 1960s.




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